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Master design with the perfect blend of theory and practice.

redesignmanual is a brand-new, unique learning experience for beginners, pros and everyone in between.
It’s the first comprehensive design guide, created and presented directly in Figma.
That’s right - you’ll become a master of design without even leaving your favorite tool.

What's inside?

redesignmanaul consists of 5 comprehensive modules, covering the key areas of design & becoming a creative professional.

Module 1 - Typography
Module 2 - Color
Module 3 - Grid & layout
Module 4 - Visual assets
Module 5 - Providing value

Your results after completing redesignmanual.

  • You have a clear understanding of the foundations of typography. You know how to select proper typefaces for your projects.

  • You can create scalable typographic systems and scales to speed up your design process.

  • You know how to make your text perfectly readable and legible.

  • You know how to use hierarchy to create balanced, easy-to-understand websites.

  • You understand the role of color in the design world. You know how to use color psychology to select perfect colors for your UIs.

  • You can create beautiful, scalable color palettes and apply them to your designs quickly.

  • You know how to design dark mode interfaces.

  • You have a top-notch understanding of different grids and layout systems.

  • You can create spacing scales and apply them to your designs.

  • You use white space like a pro to make your designs clean.

  • You can select perfect images, illustrations, and icons for your designs.

  • You understand the real role of illustrations and icons in the design world.

  • You offer more value to your clients, which lets you charge more money.

  • You know how to attract fantastic, higher-paying clients.

  • You have a top-notch understanding of the role of money in the client-designer relationship.

  • You’ll learn all these amazing things (and more!) with redesignmanual!

Frequently asked questions.

What is redesignmanual again?
It's the ultimate design guide, made & presented in Figma. It's unlike any other learning resource out there, because you actually get to practice what you learn through exercises.

How is it different from other guides?
redesignmanual is focused on real, practical skills instead of just theory. We didn't want to create yet another eBook or course which just leaves you with tons of impractical theory.

Is this suitable for complete beginners?
Yes. While you'll have to be more focused while studying, this guide will help you even if you're starting from scratch.

What if I'm an experienced designer?
We won't lie - you won't learn as much as complete beginners, but you will still learn something. Apart from the foundations, we included many less-known tips & tricks.

What do I need to complete redesignmanual?
A laptop/computer, an internet connection, motivation & lots of work. It requires a bit more than other learning resources out there, as it includes tons of exercises.

Why Figma, and not Sketch or XD?
We had to pick a design tool to create & present RM in, and we decided to use Figma. It’s not only our favorite, but also the most popular design tool out there. If you don’t use Figma, don’t worry - you can use it in the browser just to complete RM, and the knowledge will stay with you forever.

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